Days of photography in Serbia – Čačak 2014th

Days of photography in Serbia – Čačak 2014th

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The traditional annual event called “Days of photography in Serbia,” the twelfth consecutive year was held in Cacak in time from Thursday 26 June to Sunday 29 June 2014. The organizers of this unique art events were Photo Assosiation of Serbia and Photo Cinema Club “Cacak” Cacak. The event takes place under the auspices of the Photo Association of Serbia and the municipality of Cacak as a review of photographic creativity and promotion of photographic art in Serbia.



At the manifestation the visitors had the opportunity to enjoy a few selected solo exhibitions including:
* Daniela Marinkovic, the holder of distinction F2 FSS, Cacak, titled “Days of ELA 2014 – ROOTS”. For the first solo exhibition Daniela was publicly presented with 12 black and white and 9 color photos.
* Branislav Brkic, MF FSS; MFIAP; ESFIAP; ULUPUDUS Belgrade, with the projection “Photos from the trip,”.
* Bojan Pajic and Dusko Srećković, holders of distinction F1 FSS, members FKK “Cacak”.
* Dragoslav Ilic, MF FSS, AFIAP, Negotin, who was presented with 62 large format portraits done in black and white.
* Milan Zivkovic, MF FSS, the editor of the cultural photo magazine “ReFoto”, with an exhibition entitled “Another Dream” and the setting of the 64 female acts done in black and white.
* Bojan Petrovic, KMF FSS, EFIAP, HonFtGM as the most successful authors Photo Assosiation of Serba in 2013, which introduced a digital projection of their images.
* Vojislav Pesterac, MF FSS, EFIAP, Cacak, who introduced a digital projection of his photographs titled “Cuba – street life.” On this occasion Pesterac showed 50 photographs which portray his vision of street life of Cuba.
* A joint exhibition of the online photo contest ReFoto, Belgrade, entitled “New Beginning”
At the joint exhibition visitors were able to enjoy the works of 10 of the most successful authors of Photo Association of Serbia in 2013, which were presented with 6 of his works and the exhibition of experimental photography from the collection of the Photo Association of Serbia.
Central place in this traditional event certainly belongs to the Republican photography exhibitions that regularly provides insight into the actuality of Serbian photographic exhibition scene in the previous year. For this year’s exhibition was received 665 works by 100 authors a committee composed of members of the Photo Association of Serbia’s Arts Council, prominent masters of photography, the exhibition has chosen 189 works: 93 individual work and 24 per series consisting of four photos.



For the occasion of this event Photo Association of Serbia and Photo Cinema Club “Cacak” took care of superbly printed catalog which shows all events in the Days of photography in Serbia.
There is no doubt that this exhibition is one of the most important art events in and that leaves an indelible mark on the basis of the culture of the Serbian people. As a special value of this exhibition I would point out the participation of young creators who undoubtedly represent the future of Serbian photographic art.
Тhis event is the most important event in the photographic world of Serbian nation confirms presence of artist photographers from multiple places in Serbia and also dear guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.
As part of this event is regularly maintained and Annual Meeting of the Photo Association of Serbia which are summarized achievements in the past year and make guidelines for further work. One of the most important decisions of the Assembly’s accession to the Amendments and Additions to the normative acts FSS to the same modernized and were thereby removed some misunderstandings in the implementation of the adopted programs.
On this solemn occasion were presented diplomas to the winners of artistic vocation in the Photo Association of Serbia and FIAP awarded the title this year.
At the end of event fifty photographers socialized and created the photo excursion to “Takovski bush” that are valuable members of FKK “Cacak” organized for their camera coleagues.
Carrying out the unforgettable impressions of the exhibition and photo excursions photographers have parted with, “See you in the next year.”

Bozidar Vitas, Belgrade, President of the Assembly of the FSS, KMF FSS; AFIAP
Borislav Milovanovic